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Team building

According to research data, successful managers spend almost twice as much time for the development of their team and achievement of high level of interaction among employees, compared to their less successful colleagues (34% versus 18%).

The above confirms the importance of creating favorable conditions and maintaining efficient team performance. Raising awareness of corporate culture among employees also plays an important role.

Nowadays, each manager fully realizes the fact, that a company is represented primarily by people, and so far as how professionally the system of human resource management has been worked out, depends whether the company is successful today and will be successful tomorrow.

Therefore, in order to form interaction skills in a team, decision-making by the team and coordinated team-work united by a common goal, we recommend you the following trainings:

Team building
Corporate image
Corporate culture
Internal corporate communications

The given trainings are conducted both in terms of open and corporate trainings.

The program of open trainings is published upon the announcement of the course at the time of enrolment of participants into a group.

The program of corporate trainings is elaborated on the basis of goals and tasks put forward before an organization, after preliminary negotiations with the head of the company and after the discussions with future participants of the training. This enables to aim the program of the course at achieving the results expected by an organization.

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