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Strategic planning. Forming mission, vision and goals of an enterprise

Strategic planning defines the main trends of development for an enterprise and ensures the basis for decision making on the managerial level.

With the help of our specialists, you will be able to form mission, vision, goals and development trends for your enterprise and based on that, elaborate a long-term strategic planning.

Our recommendations on strategic planning are based on the following:

- Strategic plan is to be elaborated on the assumption of interests of the whole enterprise, regardless of a certain person or specific divisions
- Strategic plan is to be based on the analysis of factual data (i.e. information regarding a branch, market, competition and other factors) – current fact
- Strategic plan is to be elaborated for a specific enterprise and should, by all means, include specific features, peculiar to an enterprise
- Strategic plan is to be designed for accomplishment of tasks of a long-term period, being, at the same time, rather flexible, i.e. being a program, that allows for certain modifications

Strategic planning will help you, along with our consultants, form important and essential competitive advantages of your enterprise and will reduce the risk upon strategic decision making.

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