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Course in “Profession of a business trainer”

The aforesaid training is designed for those who wish to become professional trainers. Specialists, possessing professional knowledge and willing to master techniques enabling them to conduct courses in professional development for their own personnel can participate in the training.

The course is provided by professional business trainers, possessing wide practical skills in the field of business trainings.
During the training, the participants are supposed to elaborate, plan and conduct an interactive training-course in terms of the basic subject matter (elaboration of a business plan, fundamentals of small-scale business, human resource management, etc.)

Besides, our course is arranged so that after its completion, the participants will be able to apply the acquired trainer skills for conducting training on any type of subject.

You will learn about modern methods and rules for conducting interactive trainings, acquire skills in business games, role-playing, case studies (model situations), etc. You will also master techniques of applying visual aids during the training.
In the course of training, you will have an opportunity to gain your firsthand training-related experience and to get personal recommendations from professional trainers.

Thoroughly prepared handouts will help you in your future work as a business trainer.

Training of Trainers (ТоТ).

The given trainings are conducted both in terms of open and corporate trainings.

The program of open trainings is published upon the announcement of the course at the time of enrolment of participants into a group.

The program of corporate trainings is elaborated on the basis of goals and tasks put forward before an organization, after preliminary negotiations with the head of the company and after the discussions with future participants of the training. This enables to aim the program of the course at achieving the results expected by an organization.

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