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Process optimization techniques according to KAIZEN

From Japanese, KAIZEN means constant improvement. This methodology, founded after World War II and applied on all Japanese enterprises facilitated the growth and over the ensuing years, the flourishing of economic activities in Japan.
There are the following advantages of the aforesaid methodology:

- Lack of demand for additional investments
- Systematization of all existing resources at an enterprise
- Constant maintenance of tangible assets on the appropriate level
- High economic effectiveness in the form of saved funds, time and material resources
- Simplistic approach to carrying out works
- Cultivating in personnel the need for constant improvement of their working place

Application of KAIZEN principles enables:

- To improve production and organization process
- To reduce waste of time and costs of financial resources
- To reduce man-hour at the expense of systematization of current resources, elimination of irrelevant processes and items

The know-how according to KAIZEN is being successfully applied not only at Japanese enterprises, it has proven its utility and profitability at many enterprises across the world.

Specialists from SAVA CONSULT, possessing the aforesaid know-how, will help you optimize and improve all the processes of your production without attracting extra capital. The personnel of your company will properly maintain and constantly improve their working place without exerting additional efforts.

We will not engage in discussions concerning ways of making your enterprise clean and attractive. We will do it together with you and your employees.
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