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Effective sales techniques

According to numerous researches, 80% of decision-making concerning a purchase is made by a customer on the subconscious level. It is the subconsciousness that reads information upon the immediate interaction with other self, being, as a rule, the sales representative of your company.

Customer’s attitude towards your company in general depends on how well your employee can manage to win customer’s trust and sympathy. The ability to maintain positive relations with the customer in a complicated situation is the guarantee that your customer will continue to cooperate with you in the future.

In order to develop the skills of your employees in creating and maintaining positive relations with customers, we recommend you business trainings on the following subjects:

Sales skills
Establishing and maintaining contacts with customers
Effective sales system
Sales techniques

The given trainings are conducted both in terms of open and corporate trainings.

The program of open trainings is published upon the announcement of the course at the time of enrolment of participants into a group.

The program of corporate trainings is elaborated on the basis of goals and tasks put forward before an organization, after preliminary negotiations with the head of the company and after the discussions with future participants of the training. This enables to aim the program of the course at achieving the results expected by an organization.

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