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Efficient communication in business. Negotiation skills

Negotiations is the process, during which partners with different initial viewpoints, requirements and expectations come to an agreement.

The ability to negotiate effectively with people upon various life situations, from business negotiations to polite conversation, is the vital part of nowadays business.

For specialists, whose professional activities involve interaction with people, the ability to hold negotiations in a proper manner is the main advantage.

The most important task for any organization is to adjust internal company communication so that it could facilitate the creation of constructive and at the same time friendly, business-like atmosphere.

The trainings on the subjects listed below will contribute to mastering negotiation skills, maintaining effective communication both within the organization and with customers and partners:

Effective negotiation skills
Internal corporate communication
External communication
Presentation skills

The given trainings are conducted both in terms of open and corporate trainings.

The program of open trainings is published upon the announcement of the course at the time of enrolment of participants into a group.

The program of corporate trainings is elaborated on the basis of goals and tasks put forward before an organization, after preliminary negotiations with the head of the company and after the discussions with future participants of the training. This enables to aim the program of the course at achieving the results expected by an organization.

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