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Consulting – means assistance, rendered by outside consultants with regard to accomplishing either of tasks confronted by an enterprise.

Consulting is mainly aimed at increasing effectiveness of a company, improving its managerial system as well as enhancing employee’s performance on an individual basis.

SAVA CONSULT renders services in the filed of management consulting.

Management consulting is designed for providing support, primarily to the manager (top management) of an enterprise upon accomplishing tasks, put forward before him/her and his/her enterprise.

Management consulting is required in the following cases:

- when certain changes are to take place in the activities of an enterprise (such as expansion of activities, entering new markets, launching of a new product, promotion of products, changes in the structure of a personnel, optimization of business processes)
- when there are no clear/unclear prospects for further activities;
- when there is a decrease in general activities of an enterprise

If you have ever encountered the aforesaid cases, specialists from SAVA CONSULT recommend you to make use of the following consulting services:

- Review of enterprise activities and elaboration of recommendations on enhancing work efficiency

- Reorganization and restructuring of an enterprise

- Strategic planning. Forming mission, vision and goals of an enterprise

- Human Resource Management

- Consulting in the field of marketing. Elaboration of marketing strategy for an enterprise

- Consulting and planning in the field of finance and investment activities of an enterprise

 - Value analysis

- Adjusting budget system

- Process optimization techniques according to KAIZEN

- Monitoring and project evaluation

- Outsourcing

- Coaching

Our consulting services may be rendered to you either for solving an entire set of problems or a certain problem (task). All consulting solutions and tools will be tailored to a specific case within your enterprise.

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