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Elaboration of a business plan and (TFS) of a project

A business plan is the most essential document for a manager or an entrepreneur, both involved in the development of one’s own business and striving to win new markets of goods and services.

The purpose of a business plan depends on its further usage:

- Planning of activities on existing business (to be drafted for the manager and constitutors)
- Procurement of loan resources (credit, leasing) for the existing business
- Feasibility study according to a newly established business (to be worked out for a credit institution, private investor and constitutors)

Elaboration of a business plan, providing for all aspects of enterprise activities is a laborious process, requiring a considerable amount of time and a high proficiency level from specialists capable of drawing up a packaged document based on separate data. 

Our specialists can help you in elaboration of a high-quality business plan or TFS of a project, meeting all the requirements.

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