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Business Trainings

Business trainings – are, as a rule, comparatively short-term courses on professional development, enabling an employee to acquire practical knowledge and skills as well as to improve the qualities, that are indispensable for his/her activities.

Our trainings are conducted according to a German methodology, CEFE, which is based on education through action. Therefore, in the course of training, the following techniques and methods, aimed at acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills are involved: mini-lectures, business-related exercises, role-playing, etc. Existing knowledge and personal experience of the trainees, as well as their active participation is the essential part of the training.

Through participation in our trainings, you will acquire knowledge and skills, which could be applied in your professional filed of activities.

You will get an opportunity to see and realize your strong and weak points, evaluate the level of your professional qualification as well as obtain specific recommendations on the ways to achieve your goals.

We conduct both corporate and open business trainings.

Corporate trainings are elaborated depending on the tasks, set by a certain organization. Such trainings are aimed at sharing knowledge, shaping organization skills among employees, facilitating the afore-said tasks solution. The schedule of trainings is elaborated based on the client’s request: there is a possibility for conducting the trainings during days off or splitting the trainings into certain parts so that not to interrupt the main working process. 

Corporate trainings allow the following stage-by-stage approach:

1st stage. Training. Acquiring of knowledge
2nd stage. Individual work. Application of acquired skills in practice.
3rd stage. Training-consultation. Analysis of application of the acquired knowledge and skills. 

The main advantage of corporate business trainings is in the fact that they are aimed at tasks solution, put forward before a specific organization and are exclusive by nature.

Open business trainings are conducted for the representatives of various organizations, whose aim is to train a small number of employees as well as for beginning or acting entrepreneurs, willing to raise their own skills. Participants acquire practical skills concerning application of up-to-date technologies in the field of marketing, management and personal development. The training allows familiarizing with alternative views of other participants as well as exchanging experience and establishing business relations with colleagues.

We assure you, that our business trainings will contribute to an increase in efficiency and high quality of work among your specialists! 

SAVA CONSULT conducts trainings on the following subjects:

Effective sales techniques

- Strategic marketing and advertising

- Efficient communication in business. Negotiation skills

- Organizational management

- Team building

- Personal efficiency

- Financial management

- Course in “Profession of a business trainer”

- Course in “Profession of a consultant”

- Specialized training-seminars


We take into account the fact, that each company has its own requirements for the training, therefore the above-mentioned list can be considered as basic-model trainings. On the initial stage, all the trainings are tailored to specific requirements of each of our clients. This enables a client-company to obtain the highest possible outcome from the capital invested into the training.  There are cases, when the situation in a company is so specific, that there is a need for the elaboration of a brand new comprehensive training. High level of professionalism of our specialists fully corresponds to implementation of such projects.

Every time a training takes place, there is a preliminary preparation, during which needs analysis for the training is conducted and all comments are taken into account.

Thus, our trainings will be useful both for you personally and your enterprise, with regard to improving professional level of your personnel as well as to establish good relations within the members of your staff.
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