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Project portfolio management means that a Project Manager deals with a number of customers, a number of project teams, a number of risks and a number of resource origins. Thus, it is necessary to define properly the content and goals of projects portfolio, order of ...

Each subdivision at an enterprise is to be in charge of certain functions. The analysis of processes and functions as well as the creation of the best documents circulation system enables to avoid replication of the same functions by different subdivisions, which will ensure effective planning and control over the set tasks. Distribution of functions will enable to reduce unreasonable costs and reveal “weak points” upon implementing activities.

The volume of sales depends on such factors as the quality of the product, its compliance with customer’s requirements, the ability of employees from sales department to reveal duly the development trends of the market as well as to fulfill sales.

If competitors undertake any actions that may influence your position on the market, think of the ways to make your product or service unique, change or develop it, as well as of the ways to position your enterprise against your competitors.

Selection of an efficient business idea is the important task both for a beginning entrepreneur and for an owner of existing business, willing to diversify his/her own business (develop new trends) or start up one’s own business.

It is impossible to regard a company as a business entity without a proper growth strategy. When there is no clear development strategy, then the efforts are dispersed along different directions, which are, as a rule, incompatible and that, in its turn, prevents from focusing on the main competitive advantages. A clear and a well-elaborated strategy of an enterprise will help avoid risks, realize potential and make a rational use of one’s own resources.

During the elaboration of a new managerial system, specialists from our company will help find the answers to such questions as: “what to do?” (elaboration of the concept for activities and development strategy) and “how to do?” (a program on enhancing productiveness in the framework of selected strategy).

If you are willing to build up an efficient team, our trainers are ready to assist you by means of applying proven methods.

Effective work of personnel is the guarantee of successful activities for any company.

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